Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions represents a contract between Little Insights Ultrasound Somerset and our Customers.  By using this website and making a booking, you are agreeing to these in full.  Statutory rights are not affected. 


Please note that some of our services may be available for free at your local NHS hospital.  Most of our scans are designed to work alongside your NHS scans.  We strongly advise you to access all antenatal care and services that are available on the NHS as we do not provide a diagnostic service.

Our staff and your safety

  • Our ultrasound practitioner(s) are HCPC registered. 

  • We only employ practitioners who have undergone rigorous sonography training and have at least 5 years’ NHS experience as a qualified practitioner in the relevant field of examination within the UK.

  • If your ultrasound practitioner is concerned by any findings during your examination this will be brought to your attention and these findings will be discussed openly with you.  We will also refer you to your local NHS hospital for further assessment.

  • Ultrasound safety is continuously being studied by various professional bodies and has not been shown to cause any harm.  We carefully follow the safety guidelines for ultrasound equipment as set out by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS).  Please see advice from Public Health England by visiting their website.  For this reason scan appointment times are approximate and your appointment might be slightly shorter if your baby is in a very good position.

  • We will use your personal information to provide the service of your choice, process payment and for identification within our organisation. It will not be disclosed to external sources.  Information to 3rd parties will only be given if required by law.  

Appointment times and slots

  • Appointments are provided by Little Insights Ultrasound Ltd only.

  • We require at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellation or rebooking of an appointment otherwise your payment is non-refundable.  There are exceptions for which we will be flexible.

  • Little Insights Ultrasound Ltd will provide your scan of choice if booked for the suitable gestational age as described on our website.  All bookings are allocated a specific time slot, so please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before your allocated appointment time. 

  • The ultrasound practitioner will make every effort to ensure that the clinic runs to time but occasionally the clinic may run late due to unforeseen findings, late arrivals or technical problems.  If this happens, we will inform you via display within the waiting area, or via text message if there are significant delays.

  • In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for Little Insights Ultrasound to cancel or postpone an appointment.  We will aim to provide maximum possible notice in this eventuality and reschedule your appointment at your convenience. 

  • The appointment you pay for includes an allocated length of time with the ultrasound practitioner.  If you are late for your appointment we will try to be flexible but, if our clinic is very busy, your appointment length might only be for the remainder of the allocated time.  For more demanding examinations we reserve the right to rebook your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late.  This is to ensure that the same quality of examination can be provided and that the appointment times of other customers are not affected.  When this happens the ultrasound practitioner will try to re-allocate the appointment for later the same day.  Depending on circumstances we reserve the right to charge you an extra fee.

Scan results

  • The ultrasound practitioner does not have access to your medical notes and or history and is therefore only able to inform and advise you based on information gathered from your scan on the day of examination.

  • You must seek advice from your healthcare provider (private / NHS consultant, General Practitioner or Midwife) regarding any concerning scan results or persisting symptoms.

  • Scans are undertaken for the reason they were booked and findings may not disclose discrete findings or diagnoses. 

  • Pregnancy scans – Ultrasound scans are not a suitable sole assessment of your pregnancy and regular visits to your midwife is strongly advised.

  • Little Insights Ultrasound will supply wellbeing reassurance or a report in paper format.  Reports will be emailed to customers if requested via email before or after the scan.

  • If the ultrasound practitioner recommends a referral or follow-up based on findings during the scan, it is your responsibility to contact the relevant healthcare provider to discuss the results and request further referral in line with the recommendation.

  • If a rescan is needed to obtain images or information which were the main purpose of the appointment, the ultrasound practitioner will advise the optimum time for your return.  One free rescan appointment is usually offered, but may be refused if the result was not obtained due to the customer not following the correct preparation for the scan or if the customer missed part of the original appointment slot due to late arrival.  When this happens a 30% additional charge may apply.

Multiple pregnancies

Due to the technical limitations of multiple pregnancies (twins / triplets) we cannot guarantee images of all fetuses, and therefore we do not charge any extra for these scans.  Please be reassured that our practitioner will make every effort to obtain images of all fetuses.  Extras are available for purchase after the scan is completed. 

Prices, payments and extras

The price for the scan will be as stipulated on the website.  Payment in full is required at booking.  Extra momentos and images may be purchased at the clinic.  If time allows we will prepare these for you to take away on the day.  If the clinic is very busy we will post additional purchases within 2 working days.


  • At the time of booking the scan via our website, or by contacting us, you must be at least 18 years old.  If you are 16 or 17 years old your appointment must be made via a parent, legal guardian or grandparent who also accompanies you to your scan.  We do not scan anyone under 16 years of age.

  • By purchasing the appointment, you accept the limitations of ultrasound imaging.  If, after every effort has been exhausted to view the area of interest, it cannot be visualised due to technical limitations, we do not offer a refund.

  • We do not allow personal photography or filming during the examination.

  • We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects that occurs whilst customers are on the premises.

  • If, due to unforeseen technical problems, the service is materially different to what is offered on our website, the ultrasound practitioner will inform you as soon as possible and you will be offered a cancellation and full refund.  Once the examination has started the full fee is applicable.

  • Little Insights Ultrasound Ltd is not responsible or liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damage caused by any act or omission by Little Insights Ultrasound Ltd or its employees.

  • Little Insights Ultrasound Ltd is not responsible or liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damage to any person acting or failing to act on the results of an examination.  This does not exclude or restrict any liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence of our staff. 

  • Little Insights Ultrasound Ltd will not take responsibility for breach of this contract caused by circumstances beyond reasonable control.

  • This contract is subject to the laws of England and Wales.