About Us...

Little Insights is a new ultrasound service in Wellington, Somerset.  We hope to provide reassurance to expecting parents, as well as a happy environment to bond with their baby!  We also offer fetal gender scans from 13 weeks and 4D scans to produce 3D images and 4D video clips.   




I am often told that I have the best job in world when I am showing someone their baby or when I can tell someone that the lump they feel is not cancer.  And yes, sharing these moments of happiness and relief is what makes every effort worth it. 

Unfortunately there are very occasionally sad moments too... when I see people at their most vulnerable.  Both joy and grief are part of our journey through life, mine too.  During these moments I pray that by sharing the news gently I have softened the inevitable heartbreak ever so slightly.


Why work for the NHS and do private work?

When my children were young we couldn't afford for me to be a stay at home mum and I had to do extra private work to be able to afford childcare.  I found that I could use my ultrasound skills that I obtained for diagnostic scans to also create beautiful images that mean the world to parents-to-be.  I enjoy arts and crafts and I suppose "baby photography" is a mix between my hobby and my work.  My experience has given me a good understanding of the advantages that both NHS and private services offer, as well as their limitations and the resulting disappointment that these may cause for patients and customers.   I hope that I can, in both areas, provide what the other service may not be able to give.